Hello, World!

The first blog post written by Andrew Robert McBurney

Posted almost 5 years ago

Hello, world!

This was the first statement I ever outputted from a computer program. It was a simple turing script which printed one line upon execution: Hello, World!. The program was no longer than 20 characters in length, but it changed my life forever — sending me down a career path I had never considered.

It's a common tradition in the programming community for Hello, World! to be the first program you write; it's often the first line of output printed by many "newbie" programmers. I found it fitting to start my first blog post in the same manner, being both a "newbie" to blog writing and given how programming is an integral part of my life — as a software engineering student and aspiring computer scientist.

put "Hello, World!"

My first computer program, written in the Turing programming language.

Going forward

I plan to use this space to write blog articles about topics that interest me. These topics will range from (but are not limited to) music, programming, fictional novels, guitar, and travel. If you're interested, please stay tuned for more of my posts!

— Andrew Robert